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  • One Day in Boston

    Hi Laura and ODIB Community! Here's what I'll be filming on Saturday 4/26: 

    In the summer of 2013, a group of 20-somethings decided to make a difference in Cambridge city politics.  Amongst that small group, Nadeem Mazen volunteered to run for City Council.  With his imaginative and tech/art/education/business-savvy campaign team, Nadeem defied the odds, winning the election and three subsequent recounts.  Looking for change, Cambridge voters elected Nadeem Mazen, the city's first Muslim City Councillor.

    Channeling Nadeem’s inclusive, community-based, and progressive ethos, his team reunites for a day of civic engagement and dinner celebrations.  We hear from members of the campaign team, volunteers, and new recruits, as they clue us in to the ways they are engaging the community around tech, art, education, business, and environmental advocacy.

  • One Day in Boston

    Hi Emily! Welcome to One Day in Boston! We would love to hear more details about your story ideas, and what you will be shooting on the 26th. Thanks, Laura, Team Member

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