Oakland, CA

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One Day in San Francisco

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Freelance Video Production

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Documentary Filmmaking

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English, Mandarin (some)

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I'm interested in a lot of things - that's why I'm a filmmaker. I think at the heart of my work, I'm most interested in motivation - what drives us, what makes us who we are, or pushes us to believe in change, what makes us wake up in the morning - and how we sculpt this into our day to day life. I believe there is so much beauty is the smallest moments that are repeated day in and day out.


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  • One Day in San Francisco

    Doing some last minute planning for my shoot with HealthRight360 on Saturday. I'll be looking at what San Francisco is like in this city for someone born here but was away for 22 years. Imagine claiming a home that you don't understand. What does it mean to come back and how does one re-acclimate to this city?

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