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Truth. I came to Detroit because of my career and although I adore this city and am constantly shelling out positive stories for my publications, I do feel like there is a sense of denial. Detroit hasn't been the easiest place to live BUT that isn't due to the stereotypical reasons the national media portrays. I would like to initiate a real discussion that explores local entrepreneurs' and artists' fear of criticism, competition and new-to-Detroit residents.


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  • One Day in Detroit
    Amelia! I agree with Brandon and just want to offer any help if you need any.

    Stephen McGee
  • Hey Amelia - I'll be interested to see what you document. I have been thinking about moving to Detroit for probably the same reasons that the other 30-something-year-old migrants do... but need to gut check the reality vs. the dream. I'm really excited to have such a great Local Producer (Stephen McGee) helping walk that line for this community.

    -Brandon, Co-founder, One Day on Earth

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