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December 5

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    I am a native of Atlanta and currently live in Inman Park. I also own a retail business in the city. In another incarnation of my life, I was a documentary filmmaker. I could not resist the pull to participate in this project. Especially fortuitous is the date of the filming which corresponds with the Inman Park Festival and its infamous parade. All I have to do is walk outside my door and I will find thousands of people from all over Atlanta and the metro area from all walks of life who, for better or worse, have opinions. 

    Inman Park showcases what is best in our city. Founded in 1890 as Atlanta's first suburb (less than 1 1/2 miles from downtown) it was slated for destruction to make way for a highway in the 1970s. The community pulled together at the grassroots level successfully advocating to save this beautiful community. My hood was run down and bordering on a slum. Now it is a community that people aspire to live in. What was done here, can be done in other cities. This community still pulls together, evidenced by our all volunteer yearly festival. I like to call Inman Park a funky Mayberry and it truly is. We know our neighbors, we look out for each other. We wouldn't want to live anywhere else in this city! I could go on, and on, but I'll leave it at this for now. Michele Kudro Tedesco

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