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Emotions are what makes us intelligent beings, are foundations of knowledge and communication and can defy the limitations of the vast cultural and linguistic challenges of our evolving societies. Strong and powerful. Emotions have driven modern man to build, destroy, isolate and connect. I believe that in examining the experience of emotions in contexts that of which are foreign and uncomfortable to our individual understandings we move closer to a more empathetic and unified world.


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  • Hi Anna, sorry its taken so long to get back to you, we are organising a fundraising event for the 26th and its all consuming, we have submitted our footage and one of our trainee homepaths actually mentions the elderly specifically, as we have a huge number of grandmothers here carrying the burden of their orphaned grandchildren. These women are the life blood of our rural communities here, some are supporting as many as 12 or 15 grandchildren.

  • Hi Anna, I read about your plan of filming elder age in the West and comparing it with growing old in the developing world (specifically I saw your post for Swaziland). I was wondering how the project went and if you had any luck finding collaborations in that regard. Congratulations on the idea! Cheers, Manuela

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