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May 26

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  • I thought I had replied back to your comment, but I don't see it. My mistake! Thank you for your help before, and I hope you're feeling better!

  • Hi Ashley - Hope you're on the mend. Had an e-mail from Alex Coffey pointing me to a link to a form that authorises ODOE to take the footage from my Vimeo account and copy it to the ODOE archive. Which I've completed and submitted so I think it's all good.

  • Spent hours trying to get the One Day on Earth uploader to work but still no luck so I uploaded it directly to Vimeo here Does this mean the footage will not be submitted into the One Day on Earth archive? Tried to contact support but got no reply as of yet.

  • Upload seemed to go OK but when I check my Vimeo account I have three failed upload files. I've logged a call with support.

  • Hi Ashley - Yep - We did get to film and I'm uploading a video now.

  • Thanks Ashley. I finally got it later on. :)

  • thanks Ashley, I was thinkink at that
    I had some problem in uploading the clips I took the I tried to upload some of them directly on my vimeo
    (I love all this! time running and reverting..just now with my girls my first time on skype..) we living!!
    If it would be possible I would like to post on vimeo some other clips of my 12.12.12. Only little pieces of time..

  • Hi Ashley, thanks for the add! I just wanted to know, has the deadline to upload edited video been extended? Thank you!

  • same question...

This reply was deleted.