May 3

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Creative Writing

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  • Old photos - of course we all took hundreds of photos - black & white film. And we took photos on many themes - but few landscapes. So I have scanned a couple of photos from our "yearbook" but they don't really tell a story of Lugano in the seventies.

    I do hope to get to Switzerland later this year - I have a client in Zurich.

    Best regards,

  • You don't bother me at all Astara ! I'm glad you like my work and I'm following your blog too :) You can follow me on twitter (adress on my vimeo page), you will know my futures uploads. cheers Seb. PS Maybe one day I could illustrate one of your work...
  • Very funny - I wonder if any of my professors are still there (I doubt it): Theo Brenner, Pat Tone, Jean Jacques Villaret, Marie Claire Davis...I have been back a couple of times - once filming for America Express in the late '70's, once making a film for the school (US Sec, Of State Cyrus Vance gave the commencement speech) back in the '90's I think.

    Are you working in Lugano now?
  • Not TASIS - Franklin College, which was spun off from TASIS back in the 70's. I was there till 1972, then went to finish college in VT.
  • I went to school in Lugano (1970) - good memories. Great photos - are these shots of Lago Lugano?
  • HI...Dear Astara..... :)
    Thank you very much... If my photos really spoke to you .. then I must say that I am honored''

    yes I wish you could visit India,,, GOD BLESS YOU !!
  • Wonderful photos. Lugano is just beautiful!
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