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  • this is such a great concept. We have a few in Barbados in the Carobbean filming today. Looking forward to seeing what they produce. I have submitted the last 2 years and hope to do so again today once I finish my work and get out there

  • Hi Brandon. Thanks for having me! Looking forward to 12/12/12. We will definitely keep in touch through email.

    Faizul H. Ibrahim

  • Thank you. Trying to figure out how this works... Sure we'll get there. Marta

  • Now 12/12/12 soon! :)

  • Well i ll firm my daily routione so it can be little boaring but i can promise to show vibrant morning of gangnam. The district of gangnam style.
  • You read that right, here is a link to the trailer,` we've been filming over the last two months and are at the hunting/free flying stage of training so I'm going to get some great shots, hopefully. Those birds are quick.

  • Hey Brandon, I was uploading at the last minute and was not able to complete the upload because time ran out (My laptop broke and I was out of the country for 3 weeks and was not able to complete the edit in time with a borrowed laptop)... Here it is - or 1. YouTube 2. Homelessfilmschool 3. "Occupy this Homeless Earth" is the video

  • Im looking at the date and hope it doesn't clash with work if not i may take a trip to our boiling lake (3hr trek) and record that journey. our boiling lake is the second largest in the world, so i think it will fit the subject "what we have". in terms of "what we need" i am still brainstorming.

  • We contact the guy on the ground via email which he goes back to civilisation and checks periodically. Do you belive that the latest HERO camera (silver) is of high enough quality for you to use?

  • All of you guys will be with us tonight in the other side of the worl! Mahajaga Madagascar! Happy anniversary ODOE!!


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