North Hills, CA


July 1

What languages do you speak?


What do you like to document about your world? or city?



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  • Thank you Collin and also to others involved for this great opportunity to share our thoughts of 12.12.12. I just uploaded some photos and video. It was a great experience. I have photos from my daily family life.

  • Thank you Collin. I'm glad you enjoyed my Bratislava at night video. I just shot my 12.12.12 video and going to upload it.

  • Hi Collin, Thanks for watching my video! I'm trying to get my ideas together now. I just received some music from a mix engineer friend. I'll probably cover the morning rush in NYC and some of the holiday shop windows. So much happens here in the city, I'm still planning my day!

  • Hi Collin, thanks for your comments. My apology for not replying to your comments plus others. I just came back from the rural area last thursday. There were lots invitations for joining the 12.12.12. I haven't come with specific topic/s to shoot on the 12.12.12, but i guess i will come with something that is worth-viewing.

    Again, i will join you plus other people for this coming 12.12.12

  • Hi Collin, Thanks for watching my video. Do you know if it was included in the film? I haven't had the opportunity to watch it. I would like to participate but don't as yet have a clue what to do, I will have to get some shots of the boats at Ramsgate Harbour perhaps, unless I find a local event maybe? Problem is it's on a weekday.

  • Hey Collin, I will be filming the paper mill that I live near in Orono, Maine. I also will most likely be filming the rush of college students at the University of Maine. Other seasonal event may be filmed as well. We shall see.

  • The paradox of humanity being different and being the same is extraordinary. The paramount nature of human diversity.

  • Collin, I am planning on participating but I don't know what I'll video. I've been looking in the calendar section of my local paper and there are absolutely no events planned! Maybe I'll pop over to a local historic house/state park and video part of a tour, I'm not sure. That is the day before my final so that will limit me somewhat too.

  • Hi, Collin! Thanks for watching my video and commenting. I'm not sure what I'll be doing on 12-12-12 but I'll be sure to film and post it!

  • Collin, thanks for the nice words about our film from last year. We do plan to film this year. Since my wife is due with our next baby around that time the focus will probably be the pregnancy and maybe a birth!
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