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August 15

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One Day in Denver

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I'd like to focus on Denver's water supply -- we occupy a unique section of geography, with an unique climate, and I'd like to explore the singular challenges that present us with. Denver is in a semi-arid environment, but is also situated on a flood-plain; two situations that are severely exacerbated by the affects of climate change.


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  • One Day in Denver

    A SUPER short, super simple teaser. The full thing will be submitted on May 26th.

  • One Day in Denver

    Thanks, Brandon! That's nice of you to say!

  • Wow, Awesome photos!

  • One Day in Denver

    Here's a few behind-the-scenes shots from the filming day:

    That's me, above, displaying some spectacular stupidity with my new Canon C-100. Please don't show these to my insurance agent.

    This handsome devil is my camera assistant and second-shooter, Kris Farruggia. This is his impressive "boat-wrangling" set-up. Note the high-budget, high-tech Iron Man fishing pole we got at Target for $10. FANCY!

    This fashion icon is Matt Bliss, a great friend and client of mine, who was nice enough to donate a little of his time to help me guide the boats down Cherry Creek.

    Here's a still frame, taken from some of the video we shot ... just a sneak peek of one of the boats, as it navigates through Kennedy Golf Course, towards Denver.

  • One Day in Denver

    In my segment, I'm hoping to illustrate a little information about Denver's water supply -- where it comes from, how it gets to us, and why it's important to preserve it. I'll be combining facts and commentary from Travis Thompson of Denver Water Management, along with a whole bunch of goofy footage of my little armada of paper boats, making their way from the Cherry Creek Reservoir, towards downtown Denver.

    Here's a couple of "before" photos of some of the paper boats I made, before launching them to their grizzly demise in Cherry Creek.

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