Fort Defiance, AZ


February 25

Name of Organization, Institution, Company, or School:

The original Human Beings

Focus of Study/axe de l'étude/foco de estudio


What languages do you speak?

English/ Navajo.

What do you like to document about your world? or city?

The Creator is alive and here on Earth, today, right now. May you be blessed and touched by the heart of GOD, the Lord my God, and His son Jesus Christ! I have spoken the truth from the beginning.


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  • Wow! I am only acknowledging what God said to me. After years of saying I am not a slave, then call it for what it is, which is my life and all of it is true.
  • Whenever we attack children or speak bad of them, regardless of if they are the President's children or anyone else's children, then that is a symbol of hate and fear when we do that. All of our children, regardless of how we feel about their parents, deserve our love and prayers and safety. God himself even lets us know that when we speak bad about children, then He is not pleased with us...and we are actually going against God and not acting like God's children when speak bad about children and attack them (including verbal attacks).

  • One is a slave when he/she allows themselves to be slaves. No one can control your spirit or mind, no man can. One of the worse types of slavery is "mental" slavery and that mental slavery fuels the fire in creating physical slavery. Mental slavery will have us weak minded, which persuades us to blame the world, to blame our nation leaders, and others instead of us taking responsibility for ourselves. We are responsible for accepting our own freedom, and God has given us freedom. Read Matthew chapter 11, which proves that God has given us this freedom, which says that anything we ask for in His Name we shall have....and we have to ask for it in Love not in hate. I am living proof of this freedom. We can't hate our leaders, that is against God's Way and His Nature, but we can pray for our leaders to do the right thing, which is always about loving others. If we hate others, we can never do God's Will because God is not Hate, he is Love. Don't let your messages be in hate, will only poison you, and it will poison your message..and it poisons your connection with God..and you won't be in peace. You seem to love God, and that is powerful. God is not a God of hate. I am living a life of extraordinary spiritual, mental, and physical freedom..enjoying this nation and the world, enjoying spreading freedom and love through my music, and praying for others. You got a powerful platform as a filmmaker, that is where we can show both the hardships of this world, but also the blessings. When we first receive God's Love, then it is awesome how our feelings of slavery begin to change and how we can help others to be free as well.

  • Thanks for 'befriending'. Wanted to comment to say how much I love your pictures and videos. What an amazing, magical spiritual environment. Never tire of viewing them

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