Focus of Study/axe de l'étude/foco de estudio

Intercultural Communications and New Media

What languages do you speak?

Cantonese, Mandarin, English, Portuguese, Spanish and basic Japanese

What do you like to document about your world? or city?

i'm still thinking.. but definitely about my city..


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  • It is a very sweet statement to write in your profile "i'm still thinking.. but definitely about my city" it tells how do you love your city Elisabela ..

  • Hey, my name's yu. And I am the volunteer of One Day on Earth. Will you attend our event on November 11, 2011. In 11 days, 11 hrs and 11 s left, the 11.11.2011 will start in Macao.  Let's make your decision. And let us know what you will film this year. Look forward to receiving your reply ASAP.


  • Hi Elisabela,

    Thank you for signing up. We're very excited to have participation from Macao & we can't wait to see what you capture on 10.10.10!

    One Day on Earth
  • I'm really interested in learning more about Macao, especially through this project. Please spread the news of our event!
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