Flores, Peten


March 10

Focus of Study/axe de l'étude/foco de estudio

Economics, Film, Photojournalism, Documentary Film

What languages do you speak?

English, Spanish, French

What do you like to document about your world? or city?

My plan has changes due to last minute cancelations - now my new subject will hopefully be a short expose of the life of a young Q'eqchi' man living in northern Guatemala. Q'eqchi' is one of 21 ancient languages still remaining from the time of the Mayan Empire. The man's name is Fernando Choc or "Chico" Choc as he is known to his friends. He is the only individual in his entire community who has received modern education. I hope to spend some time with him this day to document a typical day in his life.


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  • what a small world!!! The people that I've been working with apparently know you. Pablo Rojas and Ingrid. Are you going to be in the city in the next few days? I'm leaving Sunday and it would be nice to meet you.
  • Thank you!! likewise. Cant wait to see what you shoot as well! lets keep in touch :)
  • I will have transportation. i'll be going to the trash city in zone 3 and I will be filming a tortilleria somewhere around. I will also be shooting in a nice rich area, to show the difference. Just a couple of the things I have in mind. Will you be here on the 12th for the march?
    Feel free to shoot me an email so we can talk more!
  • Hey Galen!
    I will actually be shooting in Guatemala City on the 10th, and I would be more than happy to collaborate if you are going to be down there. I was going to do something on the trash city in the capital, but I will be shooting other things as well. My idea was to film the difference between rich and poor. I see that you plan on filming a protest happening on Oct. 12th. Let me know if yo will be in the city one of those days =D
  • Hello!
    Just stopping by to say thank you for joining our project and to welcome you to our community! I notice you live in Guatemala and will be shooting over there. I am from Guatemala myself and I will be shooting over there as well. I think it's awesome that you are planning on filming this protests and including it to this global document. I'm very happy to see we have more people signed up for Guatemala!! Buena suerte :)
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