Cape Town Western Cape


September 13

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Natural Sciences

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English Afrikaans Urdu Gugerati and Zulu

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Practise of Natural Sciences


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  • Hi Gulam,

    I liked your video from 11.11.11. Looks like it was a fun birthday party!

    Are you going to film something for 12.12.12?

    Best wishes,

    Christy Zwicke
    Volunteer, One Day on Earth

    PS. If you like, there is a 12.12.12 South Africa Group you can join here:

  • Hi Gulam, hope you had a great 11/11/11! Looking forward to seeing your video!

  • You can download the badge at this link http://www.onedayonearth.org/page/logos-and-badges; pick small badge for online use and then add it as your profile picture. Let me know how it goes.

  • Hi Gulam, I saw your comment and I was wondering if you refer to the One Day on Earth logo.. Please confirm that you want to add the logo to your profile. Thanks!
    We saw your technical issues and we are trying to address them with your kind cooperation. Thank you for participating to One Day on Earth!

  • Hey Gulam. Looking forward to viewing the practice of natural science in Cape Town. Enjoy filming

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