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On 10.10.10 I want to tell the story not only of the science and the scientists of the South Pole, but also of the people that they rely on to keep them warm, feed them, and mend their injuries. Many discoveries about nature and the universe have been made here throughout our history at the South Pole and in Antarctica in general. Everyone knows about the ozone hole. What if we had never explored and studied in Antarctica? We would probably still be polluting like crazy and not realize that we were killing the planet by doing so. The data and discoveries that are being made today may one day have a similar impact on humanity and on our planet. I would like future generations to be able to look at my video and say “Those are the people who made this possible.” I also plan on shooting a 24hour time-lapse.


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  • Hey James,

    Love the stuff from 10/10/10. What are your plans for 11/11/11? Looking forward to seeing more from Antarctica.

  • When I first started watching your video, the words that came to mind were, "oh wow"  Thank you for sharing that experience in such an amazing setting which most people will never experience!  What is your purpose there?  What was the building in the background?  How long was your stay there?
  • Love the new time lapse James! Great to see you rocking it with Bruz's track too!
  • ok, thanks for taking the time to write. Can't wait to see what you've been up to ! take care & hi to the team;
  • how are you doing down there ?
  • of course you have it ! you can download the song from the player on my profile (or the player on the group "music"), try if it fits, and if so i'll send you a proper wav. file (this is mp3 on the player)
  • So how did it go then ? warming up ?
    My video is on now : (& on profile), probably much more relaxing than your 1010 adventure ;)
  • Hey, James, I would love to see that movie too. It sounds amazing!!
    All the Best,
  • lol this project is amazing Big shout right back at you , Hope u are well , looking forward to seeing your film,

    chris ;0)
  • how do you manage your cameras under 98F ??!??
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