April 12

Name of Organization, Institution, Company, or School:


Focus of Study/axe de l'étude/foco de estudio

Marketing & Business Administration

What languages do you speak?

Arabic, English

What do you like to document about your world? or city?

Women Empowerment & Poverty Alleviation


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  • HI Karam!
    Are you uploading for clip soon? I have been excited to see what you filmed!

  • HI Karam,
    I was speaking with our producer and director here at One Day on Earth about your idea for film in Syria on 12.12.12. They are very excited about what you are interested in documenting. We would like to have our regional director, Alex Coffey reach-out to you. Look out for his communication as well! Have a great day Karam, I'll be in touch again soon.

  • I think this sounds like really meaningful circumstance to document about your country. The clip can be as long as you like. All technical information can be found in the About section at the One Day On Earth homepage and then click on, "how do i participate". I look forward to seeing it! Thank You Karam!

  • Hi Karam! Yes, I think that it would be great to document an NGOs efforts to aid refugees on 12.12.12.! Keep me posted on how your idea to film this develops!

  • Hi Karam, thank you for being in communication with us here at One Day on Earth. I am sorry to learn that it is dangerous for you to document what you wish there. I am glad however that you still have an interest in filming what you are able to on that day. I do hope that you can be part of this wonderful project and to see a clip from you! If you decide you are going to film on 12.12.12 and have any questions or concerns, please reach-out.
    Thank You,

  • Hi Karam! My name is Marissa and I am working with the production team for One Day On Earth 2012. We are getting very excited for filming around the world on 12.12.12. and are so happy for your interest in being part of the documenting! I am moved by your humanitarian concerns of wanting to help empower women and alleviate poverty. Have you thought about what you would specifically like to document in the Syrian Arab Republic that day? We do have a theme if you would like some inspiration, although you can choose to document anything you like. The theme is "What you have and what you need". This could be a potential platform in which to help get attention for the causes you are passionate about. Please reach-out with any concerns regarding the project!
    Thank You!

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