Bandon, OR

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Wild A-Bandon Music

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Nursing Music non profit development and admin. TV production

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A music video inspired by 350


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  • ello Kristi! Thanks a lot for compliments, now it is up :) Your granny was from Bergen ? Ever been there? A lot of people from abroad seem to find their relatives over there (the west coast).:) Norway is such a multicolored country, which I love about it. Have you heard about Sami/Sapmi? The sapmi tribes from ancient times before norwegians came to Norway... well, I am proud that my origin (quarter) is from these original norwegians who still live in harmony with the natural resources, and not against it:). They are in the north, both in Sweden, Norway and Russia.

  • Great...Very comforting...... ended too soon ..... thanks...

  • When can I hear the music?

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