Los Angeles, CA


March 4

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One Day On Earth

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English, Greek

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post production


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  • Thanks to you too for your interest,
  • HEy thanks, that is somewhat surprising, loaaads of handheld and veeeery small camera.

    btw - where do you see this footage?  on Vimeo, or you have portal on OneDay?

  • Hii Kyle McKinney, thanks for your comment its  make us so happy, nice to meet you Kyle, if you dont mind can you share your video or picture for 10.10.10...

  • Hi Kyle, you're welcome! I'm glad you like it :)

  • Thanks a lot! It was great fun to follow him and even better to participate with OneDayOnEarth! :) Season Greetings from Western Mexico

  • CHeers for the nice comment bro ;)
  • That is awesome, thank you! The white painted board next to you is the one that I was riding in the video. I'm psyched to hear that its hanging out in your office. Thanks again, peace!
  • Thank you Kyle,pleased you enjoyed it.
  • thanks for the appreciation and for the good networking.
  • Thanks Kyle. Would've liked to get more footage that day, but the 'honeymoon' got in the way. Good luck with the project.
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