Pittsburgh, PA


December 27

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Documentary Film

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English, Mongolian

What do you like to document about your world? or city?

I have a few very different ideas of what to film for 12-12-12... 1) I would like to follow an 84 year old man who has been making high-end custom lights for his entire life. His workshop is a warehouse full of hundreds of hanging lamps that have been salvaged from antique shops, thrift stores, dumps, and estate sales over the years. Some chandeliers are worth $60,000, others are $200... he's a true craftsman and I'd like to talk about his work, his relationship to art and his life while following him on 12-12-12 2) Ever Wednesday night for the past 25 years, the Pittsburgh Banjo Club meets at an Elks Lodge to practice. The group features a couple dozen banjo players (12-70 year old) and a few horn players. They mostly play old-time and 1940s music. The audience is a cool mix of elderly people (a lot of veterans) and young hipsters. The scene is authentic and a unique mix of two groups that would probably never interact otherwise. 3) Pittsburgh rapper Wiz Khalifa is playing a concert in his hometown that night. I could potentially get backstage with him and maybe film the audience 4) The City of Asylum in Pittsburgh offers a 2 year residency to writers from other nations seeking refuge in the United States. The current author is a man named Israel Centeno from Venezuela - would like to interview him and follow him for a day 5) One of the biggest issues in Western PA right now is the Fracking (Natural Gas) Industry - it's both an economic boon to a depressed region and a potentially very serious environmental issue. I would like to follow either the people drilling for natural gas or a family that is being affected negatively by it.


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  • beautiful shots

  • amazing ideas!!!! really cool!!!

  • Hi Lauren,
    I think we met at Filmmakers couple of months ago... I don't recognize you from the photo but not many filmmakers in Pgh speak MOngolian so I assume it's you:)
    I'll be filming at an organic farm on Wed. There is a drilling pad at her neighbor's farm, and might be on her farm in the future too.

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