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December 8

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Goodfellow PS

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Everyday events as well as extraordinary events.


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  • I was just checking out your 10.10.10 video and really enjoyed seeing you get ready for Thanksgiving. Hopefully you can join us again for our upcoming event on 12.12.12; is there anything you'd like to film that day?

  • Dear Mike,

    Great video, great son- Issac and great Thanksgiving meal!! Thank you for your sharing!!

    Susan :)
  • good video i was just wondeing if you will be posting anymore pictures from science ,
    when are we cheacking our backtera
  • i love making bactiria
  • Oh , I like these pictures, Would we be able to take home the petra dishes when were done with it ? alexandra
  • I remember this project it was cool
  • i look cool
  • nice photos
  • Hi Mike/Kandi-
    Thanks for joining the project! This will be fun.
    Be sure also to join our iEARN group at - we are trying to get all the iEARNers here to identify themselves.
    We'll talk as a group soon about how we can interface this with the iEARN One Day in the Life project. If you have any thoughts or questions, let me know!
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