Brooklyn, NY


April 8

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One Day On Earth

Focus of Study/axe de l'étude/foco de estudio

Broadcast Journalism, Radio Documentary Storytelling

What languages do you speak?


What do you like to document about your world? or city?

There are so many communities that aren't given a voice in the mainstream. I'm dedicated to providing people with the tools to tell their stories.


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  • Dear Olivia, you've a nice profile .. and good goal too .. since you're dedicating to providing people with the tools to tell their stories .. and .. I'm here .. inviting you for my profile .. learning from you some of the new tools .. and sharing your nice ideas.

  • Hi Olivia,

    I'm sorry, I didn't realized that the video had private settings. I changed the setting to public now, and I think people should be able to see it... Please, let me know if all is well now.

    Looking forward to watch the global screening in February!
    Many thanks!


  • hi olivia,

    our efforts to upload the video are still futile. its is 892MB yet 500MB is required. How do we compress it to 500MB. Thanks.Chris

  • Hi Olivia- 11.11.11 is phenomenal! We all fashion the Fountain of Youth. Thank you. Hope you enjoy 11.11.11

    Love and Respect


  • Hi Olivia.
    Thanks for getting interested. We've shot some short videos but I need to make them as a trailer. Now I'm working on it. Soon You'll be able to see, I hope. Azerbaijan is very picturesque. Have you uploaded your film already? I haven't seen yet.

  • Hi Olivia! My students have some drowings I'll post them soon. Thanks a lot for writing.

  • Hi Olivia! Thank you for the welcome! I posted my little video yesterday. Here's the LINK

    Send me your link. I would love to see what you did!

  • Hi Olivia, it is my daughter Sofia, she is VERY excited about this project... We'll see how it turns out. This is our first time and we have come across a few setbacks but we'll do our best! Thanks for your comment! Cristal.

  • yes it a new non profit organization, i would be very happy if we can partnership

  • Hi Olivia,
    Actually I can't decide. Maybe just the beauty of the area I live in, and the structures that make it unique. Any ideas?

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