Velika Gorica, Croatia


May 15

Name of Organization, Institution, Company, or School:

Osnovna skola Nikole Hribara

Focus of Study/axe de l'étude/foco de estudio

a teacher of English and Italian as foreign languages

What languages do you speak?

English, Italian, Croatian

What do you like to document about your world? or city?

a day at school in Croatia


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  • Hello Sanja ... loved the photo with your students ... I would love to tell you the story of Bahu - the prince of peace ...
    But I am so busy with my website called VOICES OF WOMEN WORLDWIDE & VOW-TV at which exclusively invited "voiceless" women, young girls/boys and children to tell their stories by sharing their voices over the Internet ... Do visit and join our website - you will not regret one moment of your time.

    There once lived a King ...

  • Dear Sanja, I've put some materials in Wiki but can't put them in the main page as I can't open the video with instructions in Talking Cultures. We have finished with meals section of the project either but there is no time to upload them to Wiki. I'll try to do it ASAP.
    How is the weather there? We are having terribly frosty one here: it's unusual!
    I saw your pictures in TC: you and your students are cute!!!

  • Hi, Sanja, nice to meet you at One Day on Earth! It's great to find out that we are doing two great projects at the same time. I am talking about Talking Cultures!

  • Bok Sanja,

    Pridruzi nam se na hrvatskoj one day on earth grupi:

    Lijep pozdrav,
    Boris Kretonic
    Local producer

  • Hi Sanja! WIll you be participating on 11/11/11? Looking forward to hearing from you!
This reply was deleted.