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  • I just saw my footage posted. So, maybe the deadline is 1/15? I have more I want to upload.

  • OK, thanks! should I just compress it down, i have a lil edited thing I compressed and the raw footage too?

  • Hey Sean! Thanks for welcoming me. Got a question for you. Can we post video that are larger than 500 mb? Trying to figure out how to upload an edited video I put together to post, but it keeps saying its too limited. Hope all is welll.

  • Hi Sean, thanks a lot for valuing my video. I upload some video this year but only one of them is seen on vimeo. Hope soon the others will be seen.

  • Hi Sean! It was great! Shot some NYC skyline,children playin, and sleepy hollow, NY. Trying to put the footage together now, but Adobe Premiere is crashing badly.

  • Thanks Sean! The mini clip is up, more coming soon! It's great to be a part of this!

  • Hey Sean, I'm happy that you liked my guitar cam thing, I was out today looking for a cool place to vid the 121212 today but it's too windy for my cam to do anything of quality out doors so I've got about 6 hours to figure out something else... thanks again for the good comment !

  • Thanks, Sean!

    English version is done. View when you have 11minutes 11seconds.
    Hope you enjoy the show!
    Spanish version is coming soon; since, i speak Spanish; also.

  • Thanks Sean!

  • Thanks for the comment..

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Santa Monica, CA


August 19

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