Mysore, Karnataka


October 25

Name of Organization, Institution, Company, or School:

Mysore Grahakara Parishath - Mysore Consumers Forum

Focus of Study/axe de l'étude/foco de estudio

Create awareness in the minds of people about better ways of living with value additions.

What languages do you speak?

English, Kannada, Hindi, Tamil

What do you like to document about your world? or city?

To showcase to the world and its leaders the voice of the people about the decaying climate due to uncontrolled emission of CO2 and other Green House Gases that are causing Global Warming with catastrophic impacts on all facets of life, be it humans, animals, birds and bees, marine life etc. We, in India feel that it is time to make an online course correction to our living patterns in life, reduce consumption of finite fossil fuels and protect and preserve nature.


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  • Thanks and good luck with the filming.

  • That sounds like a great initiative! You might want to affiliate yourself with one of our environment and nature supporters and then post your contact info on that page so that you might be able to find someone to collaborate with. Best of luck!

  • Hi Vasanthkumar! Thank you for sharing your video and photos with us. Will you be participating on 11/11/11 as well? Looking forward to hearing from you!
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