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February 11


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  • Really love the videos!
  • Cape Town is truly a beautiful place. I'm very lucky to be able to live here.

    If you ever come down for a visit, pop me an email - we can go grab a beer or something!

    Thanks so much for your kind words,
  • Danke M.P. fuer dein antwort!

    And thanks for wanting to be part of it!

    About your suggestions we have two possibilities.

    a) Making as you are saying, trying to find other people wanting to do it in their countries, if possible in their own language.

    b) Making it in Adam, really nicely made, counting with the effort of everyone giving a hand.

    I believe it we are a bit too short in time for the a) hypothesis. Everything is possible, however I believe it would make more sense if the text would be performed in the native language of the places where it would be filmed. And that would take time, as also the rehearsal of the text, finding the place to shoot, putting more musicians and other contributions involved, etc, etc.

    The project itself has two different purposes, the first to contribute the best way (I could) to the idea around the "One Day on Earth Project"; the second to proceed with it to independent broadcasting channels, as websites, social networks, stream platforms and naturally, Doc Festivals too.

    If the text and the concept are then strong enough, to survive to the process and proceed giving a positive input, I would believe we'd have the right signs telling us to go to a more ambitious concept, like the one you proposed, within one year time, in the next edition of the "One Day on Earth".

    What do you think?

    Anyway, as I don't know shit about editing and little about direction techniques (I did made some movies before but always with people knowing better) and I believe there should be another cam (with better quality), beside the surveillance cams, so why don't you direct it for us? Hey, that music video is really professionally edited. Congratulations!

    So, tell me what you think...
  • Thanks, mainly its the village folks who provide the labour, but I have a friend who has volunteered to always go to the project site to help with the filming and pictures, when I cant make it he goes to supervise, so its the two of us.
  • Lucky for us, change doesn't start with politicians... I have learned so much from this project so far, and it is only going to get deeper. There are lot of inspired people out there that can influence change... and One Day on Earth is looking!
  • Regards from Cape Town. This is an amazing city and I'm honoured to be able to live here and be a film maker involved in this project. I look forward to seeing your work. Ciao
  • Hello! I just wanted to say hello.I saw your headline and I agree! Plus continue to refer people to the project, Thanks you for your support!
  • Vielen Dank für den lieben comment :-)
    Ich fotografiere hauptsächlich für mich selbst, aber wenn die Fotos anderen gefallen dann motiviert mich das wahnsinnig...
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