Brooklyn, NY


July 11

Name of Organization, Institution, Company, or School:

Teachers College Columbia University

Focus of Study/axe de l'étude/foco de estudio

psychology and education

What languages do you speak?


What do you like to document about your world? or city?

The beauty in vulnerability, raw emotion, the magnificence of simplicity through observing it in micro and how seemingly negative aspects of life can be a step into a beautiful experience.


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  • such a nice bday video :)

  • hi marissa. i filmed my family just answering some questions regarding this year's theme. hope you have a great weekend! love & peace :D can't wait to see the next film! cheers

  • Hi Marissa! Yes I filmed making Spanish Chorizo in rural Spain. I think this is all you need in life: good health, love and GOOD NATURAL FOOD. I am sending the films by DvD to the Santa Monica Adress as I had problems trying to download them to the ODE website.

    what about you? did you filmed any interesting things? best and Happy 2013.

  • Hi ! On my wall here on " One Day on Earth " did not appear, but VIMEO ok finally. Here is the LINK.

  • Hi Marissa, I filmed as well on 11.11.11, did not uploaded it, can you advice/help how I can do it please, as I have no access to do it.

    Best, Malak

  • Hello dear thanks for your comment, I filmed on 12.12.12, Im working on editing it and will soon share it with you...My film is under the title of "HOPE"

    Best Regards


  • One Day in New York


    YES! I will be participating this year again wouldn't miss it. I am in NYC this year and plan on spending the day walking around the city capturing moments in people lives (including mine). Also if there is anything is particular you want covered in NYC let me know I can try to add some coverage.

    Wish me luck.

  • I can't wait I love this event so much. We'll be here on the Lower East Side, now I have Tiki our newest rescue girl. I'll have my hands full literally, I will have a camera mounted on Oscar's stroller so my free hand will have Tiki's leash and Oscar in the stroller, we'll be a mini studio LOL

  • thank you. will do!

  • Hi Marissa,
    Much thanks for encouraging comments. I'd like to do something for 12.12.12. Not sure what yet, but will think of something spontaneously as the day unfolds perhaps. But I'll start thinking now ... and be prepared.

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