Summerland, CA


August 14

Focus of Study/axe de l'étude/foco de estudio

The protection of The Last Undeveloped Southern California Coastline and its secret spots is our vision. Imagine this; close yours eyes and you are driving from Santa Barbara, California all the way south to LA through San Diego to the boarder of Mexico and beyond. Along this route you will find one continuous urban sprawl. On the edge of this development in Santa Barbara, CA is a small 17 mile stretch of coastal agricultural land and a tiny portion of S. CA coastal wilderness that is called The Gaviota Coast. 17 miles of coastline is all that is left of open space on the coast in Southern California.

What languages do you speak?

Some Chumash, Spanish and fluent in English

What do you like to document about your world? or city?

We will be filming on the very edge of urban sprawl that starts in Southern California known as the gateway to the Gaviota Coast or Naples. This is near Santa Barbara, CA. From this point where urban sprawl begins or ends depending on if you drive north or south there is a desolate beach near endangered monarch butterfly habitats, working agricultural farms, green rolling hills, ancient Chumash California Indian village sites and a pristine, reefs and isolated seal rookery. developers are planning to build 72 mansions, 72 guest houses, barns, and sanitation facilities. The coast is threatened by urban sprawl due to pressures of developers and if the California Coastal Commission approves this project next year, it will create an open door for urban sprawl to destroy all that is left of the last undeveloped stretch of our Southern Californian coastline. In my community, we want to stop the continuous development that is eating up all of wild California. Keep the coastline wild!


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  • Maya, my shoot went well, although I wish I did a nature project like you instead of filming in Los Angeles....owell, I think I got some good footage!
  • Thanks Maya!
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