Los Angeles, CA


October 22

Focus of Study/axe de l'étude/foco de estudio


What languages do you speak?


What do you like to document about your world? or city?

Anything and Everything Music!


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  • Hello Olivia ;)
    I am not sure yet, but I want film somethink littlebit different.
    Something more minimalistic and abstract with experiment sound. Lets see, how it will looks like ;)
  • Hi Olivia,
    Thanks for your comment, actually I'm planning to make a little movie about three 9 year girls who are living in the middle of the bush without a milling machine, every evening they make flours with the stuff called in french "mortier". I'm told that they are all working in the same "mortier". This is a real African culture we have lost in big cities. which is very important for me is to show the world the cultural values bind to the culture of surviving.

  • Hello Olivia, I am not sure, if I will participate this year because it's on Wednesday and I am at work most of the day..

  • Hello Olivia, Thank you for asking ,Actually i was planing to film the same event happened at 2011, but i will be at Algeria and i will discover where i will be at this day :),
    I will inform you if i have accurate view for this day
    best regards

  • Hi Olivia. Thanks for asking. I haven't thought about it yet. Now I will start thinking.. :)

  • Hi Olivia,
    i'm glad that you like it :) Unfortunately, I haven't made any plans yet as there are no special events on that day so far :/ But maybe I will find something what I could show to society :)

  • Thanks Olivia, yes we actually plan to make another little movie - it's good fun this initiative.

  • Will try something similar, perhaps try and get the whole school to participate, (Say hallo to the world in a short film) or the new fifth graders (11-yo) etc...

  • Incidentally I got the DVD in the mail.

    I'm busy on the 12th and I don't know if I can combine it. Perhaps?

  • Hello Olivia, thank You for inviting me! and I would really like to participate this year, too... again with something from daily life in my hometown Zagreb, Croatia. Hope you'll enjoy it!! :D Love <3

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