Las Vegas, NV


June 20

Name of Organization, Institution, Company, or School:

Gawad Kalinga

Focus of Study/axe de l'étude/foco de estudio

Disability rights, Immigrant Rights, Disability Advocacy, human rights

What languages do you speak?

English, some Cebauno

What do you like to document about your world? or city?

World Hope Day set on 10.10.10 http://gk1world.com/gk-world-hope-day http://www.who.int/mediacentre/events/annual/world_mental_health_day/en/index.html World Mental Health Day No health without mental health 10 October 2010 World Mental Health Day on 10 October raises public awareness about mental health issues. The Day promotes more open discussion of mental disorders, and investments in prevention and treatment services. The treatment gap for mental, neurological and substance use disorders is formidable especially in poor resource countries. Physical and mental health are intertwined http://internationalaidadvocate.com/gk-world-hope-day-why-cant-there-be-a-day-ded October 10, 2010 is the end of President Noy’s first hundred days. It is every Filipino’s hundred days as well to show his love for his country. This is also the big celebration of Gk – World Hope Day – to mark our first 7 years of nation-building. We invite those who share our affection for our beloved nation to join us celebrate with a ball and a bang on 10/10/10. It is time to build our dream together: Americans helping us build the Filipino Dream as Filipinos have helped build the American Dream. It is also time for me to end this piece with a prayer. My plane just landed at LAX and I can hardly wait to see my guapo brown American grandson Mikel at the gate. Dear GOD, please make my people the sweet scent of hope to the weak and the weary of America, the country that has been good to them, but also, not to forget to care for the hopeless and the powerless in the Philippines that needs them… NOW. AMEN. from http://hubpages.com/hub/GK-Building-a-Nation-Building-a-Better-World It's time! A day has been set to celebrate our shared vision of bringing 5 million poor families out of poverty by 2024. It is also GK's 7th year anniversary! We will reflect on our GK journey so far and look towards the next phase of GK from Social Justice to Social Artistry and onwards to a first-class Philippines and a better world. Website:http://www.gk1world.com/ Mission:Our VISION: Gawad Kalinga is building a nation empowered by people with faith and patriotism; a nation made up of caring and sharing communities, dedicated to eradicate poverty and restore human dignity. Our MISSION: To end poverty for 5 million poor families.Products:The Developmental Model: Child & Youth Development Community Building Environment Food Sufficiency Health Infrastructure