Atlanta, GA


September 14

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Atlanta Center for Intact Awareness

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I believe in equality and autonomy first. Learning to respect each other's human rights equaly is the most important goal for humanity. I also believe that we are in part products of our environment, and being objective and open minded about those parts is necessary for world improvement because it is there that almost all social troubles develop. This is also why raising our children (in peace) the way we want the world to be is so important, and it can and will succeed. Being open minded about your own faults is truly the most freeing thing in the world, and changing your mind is just proof that you're still thinking. Circumcising an individual that did not consent is a violation of that person's human right to autonomy of their body. Any kind of hitting is violence, and while it may be temporarily effective for parental control, it teaches fear and interferes with trust. Nature knows best, and while science is exciting and certainly shows us new and different ways to look at things, we are still babies, and should trust our mother.


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  • I just watched your videos from 11.11.11 and really enjoyed them! It was great to see footage of your typical day! I hope you can join us again on 12.12.12. Any ideas as to what you might like to film on that day?

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