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Play on our Soundtrack!

This is a great opportunity to play on the eventual soundtrack of our series.  

One Day On Earth has a history of incorporating music recorded on the day of our filming events into our final films. Please watch the samples and read the directions below to figure out how to participate in this unique collaboration. Here is some important information on how to participate:

  • People in all 11 cities will be participating. If you can record in a recognizable place, it will enhance the visual effect of the edit (not required).
  • Professional video equipment is not required. We suggest focusing on getting good audio levels as this is about the music first! 
  • If you can, record instruments separately.
  • Use headphones! We don't want to hear your guide tracks ;-)
  • Upload your video submissions of your best takes after the shoot date. Make sure you tag your video as "Music"
  • We will post all stems to Soundcloud so the mash-up is open to all who participate with credit. 


This Land is Your Land 

by Woody Guthrie

1940 Lyrics:


With varied tempo's

100 bpm 

then varied tempo's we suggest:

50 bpm

80 bpm 

120 bpm

150 bpm



Play any song you like! but with shared BPM of 100 and key of C major.

Here's a click track to help:

It will be great to hear and share them.

Let it rip we will mix them up based on BPM and the key below.

c major

100 bpm


The Band Played On

For Jazz Players to rip it up on.

Feel free to jazz it up and get expressive like the link below. 

The Kings Of Dixieland – The Band Played On

Sheet Music

100 bpm

G sharpe Major

Here's some great samples of previous music Collaborations from the past:

Check out this great mash-up from 2010. 

One Day on Earth the music video - by Cut Chemist from One Day on Earth on Vimeo.

and 2011:

Good Tines - 11.11.11 One Day on Earth Global Song Collaboration from patternbased (joseph minadeo) on Vimeo.

Now in 2014 we plan to do something similar to "Playing For Change" 

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One Day in Atlanta

Meet & Greet 4/23 - Join Us!!

All registered participants are invited to join us for a meet & greet this Wednesday, April 23rd from 7-9pm at Erosol (467 Edgewood Ave SE Atlanta). Come out to meet the producer and production staff, get your questions answered and network with other filmmakers. Food and drinks on us!!! This is a private event. RSVP required...

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One Day in Atlanta

USMC EnlistedOath from Clear Films Productions on Vimeo.

1. Who are you and what is your profession?
My name is Danielle Bernstein. I am a filmmaker and run Clear Films Productions and Gallery L1 in Atlanta, GA. 

2. Can you tell us a little about your background and upbringing?
I grew up in Atlanta, GA. Spent a lot of time outside and was lucky enough to travel when I was younger. I think the exposure to new people and places influences my work today. My parents also collected photography so I grew up around a lot of art. My high school had a great arts program and I ended up studying at the School of the Museum of Fine Art. 

3. What inspired you to become a filmmaker?
My progression toward film was very organic. I entered The School of the Museum of Fine Arts in Boston with a photography portfolio, fell in love with sculpture, was totally inspired and changed by physical process and I spent most of my time in the casting studio trying to capture the space in between objects. 

I started collaborating with long-time friend Anne Slick on installations and took a 16mm class and was hooked. I switched gears and ended with a thesis project in Documentary Film. 

Ultimately, the collaboration of vision and talent is what still attracts me to film. It constantly pushed me to learn and expand my perspectives. 

4. Who or what do you most admire?
Individuals and hard workers from any walk of life. 

5. What do you love about Atlanta?
I like the diversity and the different neighborhoods, the pace of life and the green space. 

6. What do you fear most for Atlanta?
I fear that Atlanta will eventually run out of water and that our public eduction system will completely fall apart.

7. What do you hope for Atlanta in the next 20 years?
That it invests in public transportation, more community building and better education.

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One Day in Atlanta

Great Minds Coming Together

Pictured:  Scott Henderson (Cause Shift), Tammy Hart (Placement Music), Terry Kerns, Bart Zino (iFusion Marketing), Jacqui Chew (iFusion Marketing), Dawm Price (GA Dept of Economics), Jay Tribby (City of Atlanta), Joe Bankoff (Georgia Institute of Technology), Roger Lopez (IneMode Marketing), James Caldwell (Wholeteam Enterprises),Nicole Knox (Atlanta, Beltline, Inc.) and Ric Geyer ( 


What a great brainstorming session we had at Hypepotamus yesterday with some of Atlanta's great innovators.  We are grateful for the opportunity to have an open forum to discuss potential partnerships and cannot begin to express how valuable and focused their insight and resources were to our team.  We especially appreciate their willingness to reach out to those who can contribute and/or benefit from the end result of this project.

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One Day in New York

New Trailer Live!

On April 26th, 2014 - Thousands of filmmakers in cities across the country will participate in an historic day of media creation. Together we will create a document that investigates our American Cities - what we love about them; what we need to fix about them; and how we can come together to create a better metropolitan future.

One Day in Atlanta from One Day on Earth on Vimeo.

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