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One Day in Boston

Come Rain or Shine!

Hey all!

Rain or shine, the story of Boston will be told. Let's continue to rally and come together as true Bostonians do.

Anticipating the inclement weather, and knowing that there are no reshoots for One Day in Boston, think about how you will best tell your story, umbrellas, rain gear and all!

We have answers to FAQs here: http://onedayinboston.org/#faq There is a link to appearance releases there as well.

After filming, you’ll have 30 days to upload, so lets…

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Play on our Soundtrack!

This is a great opportunity to play on the eventual soundtrack of our series.  

One Day On Earth has a history of incorporating music recorded on the day of our filming events into our final films. Please watch the samples and read the directions below to figure out how to participate in this unique collaboration. Here is some important information on how to…

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