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One Day in New Orleans

Our friend The Crawfish joins One Day In NOLA

Exciting news! The Southern Food And Beverage Institute is going to join us on April 26th and will be introducing a cool new angle. We're going to-- ya ready for this?-- track the historic, cultural, and environmental evolution of Louisiana through the lens of a crawfish. Sounds fishy, I know, but here's the thing: as I learned today from SoFab Institute's Liz Williams, the crawfish has deep cultural significance in Louisiana going back thousands of years. And think about it- if we have no wetlands, no farmlands, and no clean water, we have no crawfish. And all this is just the beginning!

What I'm looking for now is someone planning on having a boil on April 26th who will let us follow them around with a camera as they buy the sacks of crawfish, as they clean them and as they boil them. And who will let us bring our on-camera talent to talk through this fascinating (OK, I think it's fascinating!) story line while possibly eating a few of their crawfish. And garlics. And corn and potatoes. (yum!)

Who's in??

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