One Day in New Orleans

Milo Daemgen joins One Day In NOLA!

1. Who are you and what is your profession?
I am Milo. I am a producer.

2. Can you tell us a little about your background and upbringing?
I grew up in Jamaica, Queens, with a German mother in a neighborhood that was slowly transforming from Hispanic to Indian. I think that speaks volumes to my identity.

3. What inspired you to become a filmmaker?
Film is a method of expression that pulls in the world around it; from the literature, paintings, plays, and politics of society. It represents who we are and who we wish to become and it pushes on artistic & business elements to achieve that goal. But mostly because it involves bringing to life ideas with people.

4. Who or what do you most admire?
I am full of admiration for the relentless artists, thinkers, and community leaders I have had the privilege to work with. To the people who cannot sleep because they are consumed by passion, to the people who fight the tempests of our world to create something new and leave something better in their wake.

5. What do you love about New Orleans?
It is hard to say but when I wake up, I wake up inspired and for need of a reason I'll say it is because of the air of this city.

6. What do you fear most for New Orleans?
I fear that New Orleans will not invest in its own people and their ideas.

7. What do you hope for New Orleans in the next 20 years?
That it will extend the streetcar line so that we have better public transportation.

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