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Meet the Ambassadors: Guillermo Briseno

Writerz Blok - A Short Documentary Film from Guillermo Briseno III on Vimeo.

Guillermo Briseno is another one of our One Day in San Diego ambassadors who will be out and filming on April 26th. An active member of the San Diego arts scene, Guillermo's video work is shot artistically and is simply gorgeous! Along with his film work, Guillermo is also an intern at the Museum of Photographic Art (MoPA). He also has and is still currently working alongside many organizations in San Diego that are thriving towards making a difference in San Diego.
Who are you and what is your profession?
My name is Guillermo Briseno III, 27 years of age, born and raised in San Diego, CA. My Profession is Video & Film Productions.

Can you tell us a little about your background and upbringing?
I am of Hispanic background. Most of my family is from San Diego, but they now live all around the U.S. I have 2 brothers on my father's side and 1 sister on my mother's side. I lived all around San Diego, but grew up mainly in Chula Vista. I graduated in 2004 from Eastlake High School and attended City College to pursue curiosity and skill sets in photography, which later led to an itch to jump into video and film.

What inspired you to become a filmmaker?
Ever since I was a kid, I can remember that film and photography always caught my attention, but I never did anything to pursue it, except "wonder" about it. What inspired me to become a filmmaker was seeing my father at the age of 42 take a photography class at a community college. He began to show the family a couple of photos he developed, and this is what ultimately led me to take a beginners photography class as well. From then on, I knew this was a passion of mine that was growing within me, so I trained and developed my eye for photography and continued to take photographs of anything and everything that was of interest to me. In 2011, I ventured out to Europe and backpacked through 15 different cities and 9 countries for 2 months. This is where I created my first amateur video, which was a compilation of both photo and video. At this point, I was fully convinced of my passion, and I knew that without a shadow of a doubt this was the path that was going to lead me into my dreams.

Who or what do you most admire?
I admire people who put others before themselves. I admire people that set an example for real hard work, and I admire people that can simply smile even when adversity has struck their life.

What do you love about San Diego?
I love the cultural diversity we have here. I love the great stories that are going to be uprooted from this city.

What do you fear most for San Diego?
That we will continue to believe that "True Freedom" is the right to do as we please, when in reality True Freedom is the power to do what is right!

What do you hope for San Diego in the next 20 years?
My hope for San Diego in the next 20 years is to see this city transform into a place where every business and education system sets a new standard for the youth of our future. A standard where it doesn't matter how "good" you are at something, but how effective you are at helping others in your community and striving to becoming a leader for your family and circles of influence. People who help people just because... should be praised over everything.

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