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One Day in the Lower Rio Grande Valley

Ambassador Spotlight: Jesus Garcia

Who are you and what is your profession? 
I am Jesus Garcia and I am a videographer and sound mixer based in Austin, TX.

Can you tell us a little about you background and upbringing? 

I was born and raised in the border-town of Laredo, TX.  My parents were loving and affectionate and worked hard everyday of their lives to maintain our family of six.Through their raising of us, they were on one solitary mission: to give me and my three siblings a better future than they had. Their plan: To get us through college. And succeed they did as all of us have graduated from college, save for the youngest who is due to graduate this December 2014. I owe all of the great morals and values that I hold true to their love and upbringing.  It was through them that I learned about what it means to be selfless and to live with purpose and a vision in your heart.  With all their faith and love in me, I was able to go to college, get and education and build a better future. 

What inspired you to become a filmmaker?

As a youth self-expression was something that never came natural to me. 
Much of my life was a constant struggle of concealing a fire I didn't know I had.
I always enjoyed the creative arts but never considered it something that I could do.
It was during my last year in high school that I began to record videos with my best friend that I found something that I actually felt good about doing.
So on this hitch, I graduated high school and I moved on to film school where I met many incredibly creative people. 
It was this college experience that really opened my eyes and mind to a world I had no idea I inhabited.
I realized how big the planet is and I saw how creative people can be experienced first hand the visions that people have and the ability to bring it to life through film. 
I became fascinated by the many stories that are happening every day, and set out on a mission to learn and explore and capture stories for the rest of the world to see. 

Who or what do you most admire? 

I admire my father very much.  After my mother passed away in 1999 (I was 12), as a child I did not know the battle he had to undertake to raise us. 
As I grew and learned and became who I am today, I have deep respect and appreciation for all that he did and all that he taught me, and always hold him as my model as to how to live.

What do you love about Austin?
I love that Austin is such a diverse city and it honestly has something for everybody.  There are so many opportunities for anybody that has any creative inclination to find a space or group to express their creativity and share it with people. 

What do you fear most for Austin?
I don't necessarily feel that growth is bad for Austin like many people do (e.g. "Austin sucks, don't move here; I hear Dallas is nice") as I myself am not from here, but I fear that with such a rapid growth, the many outside influences coming in may affect the city in such a way that the vibrant and creative culture and community that distinguishes Austin may diminish and cease to be. 

What do you hope for Austin in the next 20 years?
Taking into consideration my fear for Austin, it is also equally exciting knowing how young the city is and that it really can continue to grow in to something much more exciting than we currently have, and that the creative element will continue to grow and flourish. 

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One Day in the Lower Rio Grande Valley

One Day in South Padre Island

What a wonderful experience to witness and meet so many new faces, places and natural beauty. I had never been to SPI and I heard so many great things besides the obvious Spring Break destination. I was fortunate enough to have a more intimate experience with the community that works hard and dedicates themselves to the natural health and education of the amazing ecology. I met new friends and saw places I will never forgot and I am forever grateful. Thank you Aarin Hartwell and Sean Till and the producers of One Day On Earth for this incredible opportunity. This is my last blog post this year for One Day in the LRGV 2014. I leave you with my finished piece of the one day I spent in South Padre Island. <3 Paul Collins Film

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Play on our Soundtrack!

This is a great opportunity to play on the eventual soundtrack of our series.  

One Day On Earth has a history of incorporating music recorded on the day of our filming events into our final films. Please watch the samples and read the directions below to figure out how to participate in this unique collaboration. Here is some important information on how to participate:

  • People in all 11 cities will be participating. If you can record in a recognizable place, it will enhance the visual effect of the edit (not required).
  • Professional video equipment is not required. We suggest focusing on getting good audio levels as this is about the music first! 
  • If you can, record instruments separately.
  • Use headphones! We don't want to hear your guide tracks ;-)
  • Upload your video submissions of your best takes after the shoot date. Make sure you tag your video as "Music"
  • We will post all stems to Soundcloud so the mash-up is open to all who participate with credit. 


This Land is Your Land 

by Woody Guthrie

1940 Lyrics:


With varied tempo's

100 bpm 

then varied tempo's we suggest:

50 bpm

80 bpm 

120 bpm

150 bpm



Play any song you like! but with shared BPM of 100 and key of C major.

Here's a click track to help:

It will be great to hear and share them.

Let it rip we will mix them up based on BPM and the key below.

c major

100 bpm


The Band Played On

For Jazz Players to rip it up on.

Feel free to jazz it up and get expressive like the link below. 

The Kings Of Dixieland – The Band Played On

Sheet Music

100 bpm

G sharpe Major

Here's some great samples of previous music Collaborations from the past:

Check out this great mash-up from 2010. 

One Day on Earth the music video - by Cut Chemist from One Day on Earth on Vimeo.

and 2011:

Good Tines - 11.11.11 One Day on Earth Global Song Collaboration from patternbased (joseph minadeo) on Vimeo.

Now in 2014 we plan to do something similar to "Playing For Change" 

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One Day in the Lower Rio Grande Valley

3 Winners of Film Lab Workshop Announced!


Why is the Your Day. Your City. Your Future. Film Campaign (One Day in the LRGV) a great initiative for the Rio Grande Valley?

Your Day, Your City, Your Future Film Campaign (One Day In the LRGV) is a great initiative for the Rio Grande Valley because it will demonstrate the spirit and originality of the Lower Rio Grande culture. It provides a platform for creative expression of the multiple layers and uniqueness of our communities and our ecosystems. It will help foster voices that are otherwise unheard through the inspiration of new and seasoned film makers and their respective organizations choosing to answer the important questions posed. The efforts will be an inspiration for others to explore our area for education, travel and renewal of spirit. It will also offer participants and viewers an opportunity to understand and share why we live here & love the Lower Rio Grande Valley.


Why is the Your Day. Your City. Your Future. Film Campaign (One Day in the LRGV) a great initiative for the Rio Grande Valley?

The uniqueness of the Rio Grande Valley's personalities, sights and sounds is hard to miss. While resources are scarce in the region, citizens of the Rio Grande Valley often come together to support each other and to walk toward a better future hand in hand. This story of resilience and communal spirit of the Rio Grande Valley is one worth sharing with the rest of the world. To capture the complexity of this place there is perhaps no better media than film.


Why is the Your Day. Your City. Your Future. Film Campaign (One Day in the LRGV) a great initiative for the Rio Grande Valley?

I believe the Your Day. Your City. Your Future. Film Campaign (One day in the LRGV) is a great opportunity to expose the community force and the social structures in the Rio Grande Valley.There is a social stigma on the communities that live along the border, ignoring the grassroots movements that are already in place. Community Organizers, Developers and Designers are working together to improve the quality of life and the way of living in the valley, breaking ground with holistic initiatives that can serve as a model to many neighborhoods and cities in the Nation. Providing the space to share these efforts will not only benefit the work in progress but to also improve the perception outsiders have about the Valley and Valley residents have about themselves.

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One Day in the Lower Rio Grande Valley

Green Behind the Scene

This past weekend I got an incredible opportunity to photograph the team behind Green Guy Recycling - They are a group of hard working individuals headed by Kyle Hahn in San Marcos, TX. Green Guy Recycling is one of Central Texas' most comprehensive recycling centers. They accept and recycle paper, cardboard, scrap metal, plastic and glass bottles, and many other items. They recently won the Keep Texas Beautiful Award for recycling an incredible amount of waste that would of otherwise ended up in our landfills. It's humbling to see the hardworking faces that make Texas beautiful and sometimes as they pass us by in the community we don't realize the importance of the faces behind the scenes that make the face of Texas shine.---------------------------------------------- Shine on. -Paul Collins
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One Day in the Lower Rio Grande Valley

Ambassador Spotlight: Javier Antonio Avellan

Flanagan's Table from Lobo Sucio Creative on Vimeo.

Who are you and what is your profession?
My name is Javier Antonio Avellán and I am a filmmaker and storyteller.
Can you tell us a little about your background and upbringing?
I was born in Valencia, Venezuela and moved to Houston, Texas at age 2. I graduated from the University of Texas RTF Program in December of 2011. 
I had a loving upbringing in a family made up of people with big hearts. My mother, Mele, taught me to sew, my father, Javier, taught me to follow through, my older sister, Melissa, taught me patience, and my younger brother, Juan Pablo, taught me compassion. 
What inspired you to become a filmmaker?
My Tia Lily, Tio Joaquin, and Jurassic Park.
Who or what do you most admire?
The love I share with my family. My fiance Sabrina Renee, my daughter Raaven Sequoia, Cana and Amadaeous the dogs, and Cedric the snake.
What do you love about Austin, Texas?
I love the opportunities that are present in Austin. The support to follow my calling lies there and it has provided me with a home for my family. Also, Ramen Tatsu-Ya.

What do you fear most for Austin?
I create in order to uphold the community of strong people that reside within it. Daily, positive and creative people find a way through the fear and negativity that is present. To lose that spark would be to lose the heart of Austin.

What do you hope for Austin in the next 20 years?
I hope that Austin continues becoming the city that it already is: a creative, innovative, and world-changing beacon. I create in order to fulfill that vision.
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One Day in the Lower Rio Grande Valley

SPI Supports One Day In LRGV

The City of South Padre Island is a proud supporter of the One Day in LRGV project. I am very much looking forward to all the terrific submissions from SPI! 

Pictured (left to right) All Partners of the One Day in LRGV - SPI : Aziza Barker (Laguna Madre Yoga and Meditation Center) , Jim Pigg (Director of SPI Beach Patrol), Mayor Bob Pinkerton (city of SPI), Victor Baldovinos (Environmental Health Director), Aarin Hartwell (RGV Producer), JoAnn Evans (El Paseo Arts Foundation and City Council Member), Michael Quist (Director of the Boys and Girls Club Laguna Madre),, Chief Marcus Smith (SPI FD). 

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One Day in the Lower Rio Grande Valley

The University of Texas-Pan American, Department of Criminal Justice would like to extend an invitation to the border community to the

Social Justice & Peace Conference 2014: The [Real] Border Wars!

 UTPA Ballroom

April 23rd, 2014

8:15 AM-7:30 PM

Free & Open to the Public

This year the conference focuses on the Real Border Wars, exposing the daily struggles which our community encounters as victims, activists and crusaders. We have speakers recounting the stories of children who are subjected to violence and trauma, research on organized crime, security issues, environmental injustice, and the politics of corruption.

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One Day in the Lower Rio Grande Valley

Impacting Community Through Filmmaking

What an amazing honor from the City of San Marcos to issue an official proclamation for my documentary film Yakona - a film through the eyes of the San Marcos River. It has made a positive impact and heightened cultural awareness for the current community and hopefully for generations to come. As the city grows larger everyday the new residents and visitors must understand what is at the core of our community. Filmmaking is the modern day story telling platform and with the digital age it can travel even faster and farther into the world. The documentary Black Fish is another example on how a film can change culture and progress us into the future with hope and a  better understanding of our place on this planet.

Onward with hope.

Paul Collins

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