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Ambassador Spotlight: Jesus Garcia

Who are you and what is your profession? 
I am Jesus Garcia and I am a videographer and sound mixer based in Austin, TX.

Can you tell us a little about you background and upbringing? 

I was born and raised in the border-town of Laredo, TX.  My parents were loving and affectionate and worked hard everyday of their lives to maintain our family of six.Through their raising of us, they were on one solitary mission: to give me and my three siblings a better future than they had. Their plan: To get us through college. And succeed they did as all of us have graduated from college, save for the youngest who is due to graduate this December 2014. I owe all of the great morals and values that I hold true to their love and upbringing.  It was through them that I learned about what it means to be selfless and to live with purpose and a vision in your heart.  With all their faith and love in me, I was able to go to college, get and education and build a better future. 

What inspired you to become a filmmaker?

As a youth self-expression was something that never came natural to me. 
Much of my life was a constant struggle of concealing a fire I didn't know I had.
I always enjoyed the creative arts but never considered it something that I could do.
It was during my last year in high school that I began to record videos with my best friend that I found something that I actually felt good about doing.
So on this hitch, I graduated high school and I moved on to film school where I met many incredibly creative people. 
It was this college experience that really opened my eyes and mind to a world I had no idea I inhabited.
I realized how big the planet is and I saw how creative people can be experienced first hand the visions that people have and the ability to bring it to life through film. 
I became fascinated by the many stories that are happening every day, and set out on a mission to learn and explore and capture stories for the rest of the world to see. 

Who or what do you most admire? 

I admire my father very much.  After my mother passed away in 1999 (I was 12), as a child I did not know the battle he had to undertake to raise us. 
As I grew and learned and became who I am today, I have deep respect and appreciation for all that he did and all that he taught me, and always hold him as my model as to how to live.

What do you love about Austin?
I love that Austin is such a diverse city and it honestly has something for everybody.  There are so many opportunities for anybody that has any creative inclination to find a space or group to express their creativity and share it with people. 

What do you fear most for Austin?
I don't necessarily feel that growth is bad for Austin like many people do (e.g. "Austin sucks, don't move here; I hear Dallas is nice") as I myself am not from here, but I fear that with such a rapid growth, the many outside influences coming in may affect the city in such a way that the vibrant and creative culture and community that distinguishes Austin may diminish and cease to be. 

What do you hope for Austin in the next 20 years?
Taking into consideration my fear for Austin, it is also equally exciting knowing how young the city is and that it really can continue to grow in to something much more exciting than we currently have, and that the creative element will continue to grow and flourish. 

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