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One Day in San Francisco

Profile Spotlight: Eugene Huang

I met Eugene when I first had a meeting with members of a magazine called Hyphen. Hyphen is churning out thoughtful, entertaining, risque, and brilliant work geared towards creating awareness of social issues, fostering a sense of community, and offering a platform for progressive Asian Americans to discuss what's on their minds today - AND it's run by a group of activists, organizers, journalists, multi-disciplinary artists, educators, and just people you'd want to hang out and have a beer with.

Eugene plans to film stories about the sharing economy. He is also planning to do ride alongs tomorrow with different drivers of cabs, Lyft, Sidecar, etc. He's hoping to also collaborate with other participants from Hyphen and CAAM, who will be covering topics like the future of Asian Americans in cities like SF, doing a walk through with District Supervisor Jane Kim for a SOMA beautification project, interviewing residents of Manilatown's International Hotel, exploring an art program and exhibit in Chinatown, filming a bike party and riding to a Bike Film Fest with the SF Bicycle Coalition, attending a comedy night at the Chinese Historical Society of America, and much more. Very excited to welcome Eugene and the rest of the Hyphen and CAAM team to One Day in SF.

Who are you and what is your profession?

I’m a freelance director, producer, cinematographer, animator and illustrator. I love visual storytelling. I work with organizations and individuals that include Fortune 500 firms, non-profits, startups, magazines and artists.

Can you tell us a little about your background and upbringing?

I’m a Bay Area native. Born in San Jose to Taiwanese immigrant parents, and raised in Cupertino, in the heart of the Silicon Valley. I earned my degree in economics from UCLA and did a three-year stint in the consulting world. After that I decided to take a leap and pursue my passion for filmmaking. I have been working professionally as a filmmaker, animator and illustrator since 2012.      

What inspired you to become a filmmaker?

Watching movies as a kid and being moved by what happened on screen. I think it’s the most powerful medium that exists today.

Who or what do you most admire?

I admire anyone who has passion and loves what they do for a living; they eat it, drink it, sleep it. It doesn’t matter if they’re a barista, an engineer, a teacher, or a banker, being around people with passion is inspiring.

What do you love about SF?

I love that it’s a city of hustlers. It’s competitive in the sense that bad ideas and laziness don’t survive here. This city draws hard working, talented and creative people of all persuasions, backgrounds, and industries.

What do you fear most for SF?

I fear San Francisco will become a city where money rules all, where ideas will be judged based on their economic value instead of their social values.

What do you hope for SF in the next 20 years?

I hope in 20 years SF will still be evolving, and it’ll be a city that never stagnates.  


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One Day in San Francisco

One More Week

A few sources of inspiration come to mind (aesthetically) when I think about how I want to go about filming on the 26th: Humans of New York, Wendy MacNaughton's Meanwhile in SF, and The Bold Italic's Chinatown Sartorialist. Curious to know how you'll approach your day.

Here's what's going down this weekend...

-A pageant called Mr. Hyphen tomorrow night at the Marines' Memorial Theater, hosted by Hyphen Magazine. Hyphen has been a great partner communicating what they'd like to capture on the 26th (in collaboration with CAAM - ranging from the new immigrant experience to talking with restaurant and hotel workers in Chinatown to art & activism at the Manilatown I-Hotel Center to the different options of transportation used by the local AAPI community.

-BFF.fm online radio interview on Sunday 2-3pm in which hosts Tiffany Yau and Victoire Poumadere will ask us questions about the One Day in SF project. Here's a write up about SF's "best new (underground) station."

-Backyard Films Sunday 5-10pm in Bernal Heights. I mentioned this in a previous post. Definitely worth checking out if you've never been. Here's the info and to RSVP.

Recent articles & op-ed pieces I came across and found really interesting:

SF's Class War (visual/graphic data research)

Story of an Oakland artist crafting tiny homes for local homeless

Homeless GoPro Project (I've actually talked to Adam and the founders of the project and there are some ideas ruminating about collaborating on the 26th)

Tech and Community: a #OneCity Approach

What do owls have to do with SF's Housing Crisis?

Oakland Real Estate Watch

Solutions to Stop Displacement?

Things we'd love for participants to capture footage of:

-A child being born
-A wedding
- A birthday
- Live music being played or a live concert
- Footage from every neighborhood and of every major ethnic group in SF
- Arial or Drone footage
- High speed footage
- Cityscape time lapses (Pro tip: Karl the Fog loves to be filmed)
- Someone capturing interviews of all 10 questions all day

The Bay Area really isn't lacking activities already scheduled for 4/26. Here's further proof (much thanks to One Day in SF volunteers Lily Yu and Carly McCarthy for pooling some of these together):

SF Bicycle Coalition Orange Bicycle Tour (Dutch Kings Day)

SF Bicycle Coalition Bike Party & Organized Ride to Bicycle Film Festival

Hospitality House Community Arts + UrbanStreet Films presents OralNOW Stories & Mapping Project @ [Freespace]

The San Jose Tech Museum's Open Make Day

SF International Film Festival (filmmaker & festival-goer One Day interviews @ the 2nd floor bar of the Sundance Kabuki Theater, 12:45p-4pm)

BAYCAT's free premiere of Endangered: A Healthy Bayview for All (Screening & Panel at the Roxie)

SF vs Cleveland (Giants game)

Ferry Building Farmer's Market

Treasure Island Flea Market

Alemany Farmer's Market

Grand Lake Farmer's Market

SF Anti-Displacement Coalition Act Now! Our City, Our Homes! rally

Public Intimacy meeting 

SF Jazz Center

SF Lyric Chorus

March for Babies!

Family House Speakeasy Gala

Opening Day on the Bay

Advanced Wellness Class

Secret Improv Society

Dash Improv Show

The Candlelight Club: Class of 2015 Junior Formal

First Graduate's Discovery Day

DJ Battle & DMC SCRATCH Competition

Haiti Solidarity Celebration and Fundraiser

Chivalry Club 

The Great Gatsby Night


Earth Day Beach Cleanup

It's a Jungle Down There

Union Square Fire Dancing Expo

Church of 8 Wheels Roller Disco

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